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Erika Bordon

Born in Aosta, Italy in 1986 coming from an artistic family, her mother and grandfather (Guido Gelcich, student of Oskar Kokoschka) both painters, with a great dedication to music and art. Erika started with ballet dancing (2,5 years old) and at age 11 she switched definitely to the violin. She attended the Young Talent class at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and continued her study in Rotterdam and later in Utrecht were she got her Bachelor and Master degree in Music Performance.

Her orchestra experience started early in her study and she played in the JON (JeugdOrkest Nederland), OGI (Orchestra Giovanile Italiana), Accademie of De Filharmonie (Antwerp) ,and the Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht. During the years she got the chance to work with great conductors such as Gianandrea Noseda, Edo de Waart, Martin Brabbins, Gabriele Ferro, Kristof Penderecki,Jurjen Hempel, Jussi Jaatinen and others. In 2011 she got invited by the CREA-orkest of Amsterdam to perform as soloist during their summer tour in Italy where they performed in Montecatini, Florence, Prato and San Gimignano.

The last few years she cultivated a large interest and passion for chamber music. Her chamber music repertoire goes from baroque to contemporary and she played in many different instrumental combinations. Since June 2012 she is the violinist of the professional Ensemble Modelo62 that focuses on playing contemporary classical music and often performing world premieres of fresh written pieces like for example the piece “e mi sovvien” by Diderik Wagenaar written especially for this ensemble. Also in the Utrecht Conservatory she performed as soloist in the contemporary music project by playing Spiri (1977) by Franco Donatoni. She also played the classic/romantic repertoire in several duos/trios/quartets. In 2008 she got invited to give a recital in the Salone Ducale of Aosta during the International Chambermusic Festival.

She often enjoys to play in particular projects in which not only music is involved but also other kinds of art. For example she played in a music theater production and in 2013 she participated in the project of The Pale Blue Dot where contemporary music was combined with poetry and visual art.

She also attended several Masterclasses with a.o. Ilya Grubert,Elisabeth Perry,Jean-Jacques Kantorov,Stefano Pagliani,Berent Korfker,Pavel Vernikov,Dimitri Chichlov Vivienne Mackie and Yayoi Toda.

She plays on a violin by Daniel Karinkanta, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985)


02 october 2016, 18.30h

Location: Oude Kerk, Zoetermeer
J.S.Bach - Cantata BWV 131

De Odyssee

22,23,24,29,30 September 2016, 20.00 h

Location: Rabo Theater, Hengelo
a Lonneke van Leth production on music by Maxim Shaligyn

Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2016

10 september 2016, 19.00 h

Location: TivoliVredenburg (Hertz), Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht
As member of the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble - ECME

Private Event

15th of June 2016, 17.00 h

Location: Tilburg
Duo's for violin and viola by Mozart, Bach and Sibelius

Mendelssohn - Elias

11th of June 2016, 20.15 h

Location: Westerkerk, Amsterdam
Holland Symfonie Orkest, Toonkunstkoor, o.l.v. Boudewijn Jansen

Private Event

6th of June 2016, 16.00 h

Location: Delft
Trio's by Haydn and Mozart

Mozart Requiem

4th of May 2016, 21.00 h

Location: Grote Kerk, Naarden
W.A.Mozart, Requiem

Rewire Festival

3rd of April 2016, 19.30 h

Location: Grote Kerk, The Hague
In collaboration with Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld

Holland Orkest Combinatie

19th of December 2015, 20.00 h

Location: Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen
J.Haydn, Te Deum
W.A.Mozart, Kronungsmesse, Exsultate Jubilate
G.F.Haendel, Messiah

De Amersfoortse Galaconcert

10th of December 2015, 20.30 h

Location: Kleine Zaal, Koninklijk Concergebouw, Amsterdam
Private concert

Bach Cantate

29th November 2015, 18.30 h

Location: Oude Kerk, Zoetermeer
J.S.Bach, Cantata BWV61

Catchpenny - Spring Festival

16th of April 2015, 20.00 h

Location: Korzo Theatre, Den Haag
New works by the composition students of Composition department
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Holland Orkest Combinatie

29th of March 2015, 14.00 h

Location: Westerkerk, Enkhuizen
Mattheus Passion in collaboration with Concertkoor Baarn & Vocaal Ensemble Fioretto
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Haags Kamer Orkest

28th of March 2015, 20.00 h

Location: Stadhuis Hengelo, Hengelo
Stabat Mater - Joseph Haydn
Die Sieben letzten Worte Erlosers am Kreuz - Joseph Haydn

Holland Orkest Combinatie

27th of March 2015, 19.30 h

Location: Sint Janskerk, Gouda
Mattheus Passion in collaboration with Toonkunst Gouda
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Guido's Orchestra, tv live broadcast

14th of March 2015, 20.15 h

Location: ETEC Arena, Magdenburg, Germany
Live tv broadcast of the Eurovision show 'Die besten im Fruhling' presented by Florian Silbereisen


19th of December 2014, 20.00 h

Location: Oude Kerk, Maasland
Westlands Mannenkoor & Haags Matrozenkoor


18th of December 2014, 20.00 h

Location: Adrianuskerk, Naaldwijk
Westlands Mannenkoor & Haags Matrozenkoor

De Amersfoortse Galaconcert

11th of December 2014, 20.30 h

Location: Kleine Zaal, Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Besloten concert

Bach Cantate

28th of September 2014, 18.30 h

Location: Oude Kerk, Zoetermeer
Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata BWV148

Musica Sacra Maastricht
Concert afdelingen Sonologie, compositie en slagwerk

19th of September 2014, 22.00h

Location: Lambertuskerk, Maastricht
Program: musics by Liisa Hirsch and Yael Levy
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Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Lunchconcert Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag

12th of September 2014, 12.30h

Location: Tivoli, Vredenburgh, Utrecht
Program: 4 glides by Liisa Hirsch
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De Odyssee

from 13th till 24th of August 2014, 20.15 h (excl. Sundays and Mondays)

Location: Fokker Terminal, Den Haag
Binckhorstlaan 249, 2516BB
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Antwerp Academy Orchestra

11th May 2014, 11.00 h

Location: Elzenveld (Chapel), Antwerpen
Elzenveld hotel and seminarie, Lange Gasthuisstraat 45, Antwerpen
Conductor: Vegard Nilsen
Soloist: Ludwig Gudim

Tour in Mexico

from 12th till 26th May 2014

Location: Mexico
Ensemble Modelo62

Bach Cantate

23 March 2014

Location: Oude Kerk, Dorpstraat 59, Zoetermeer
Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantate BWV23 'Du wahrer Gott und Davids Sohn'

Venuez Hospitality and Style Awards 2013

10 March 2014

Location: Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam

Lunchconcert Erika Bordon & Sharon Niessen

Tuesday 18 February 2014 12.30

Location: Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis Polanerbaan 2, Woerden
Violin - Erika Bordon
Piano - Sharon Niessen
works of Beethoven and Fauré

De Odyssee

from 13th of February till 1st of March, 20.15 h (excl. Sundays and Mondays)

Location: Fokker Terminal, Den Haag
Binckhorstlaan 249, 2516BB
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Music for War Child

Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 february 2014

Locatie: Radio Kootwijk
Radioweg 1, 7348 BG Radio Kootwijk
A child of our time - Michael Tippett
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Becoming the System
Gaudeamus Muziekdag #2: Jonge Componistenbal

zaterdag 25 januari 2014, 20.00

Locatie: RASA Muziek & Dans, Pauwstraat 13a, 3512 TG Utrecht
Productie: Diamantfabriek
Muziek: Petra Strahovnik
Regie en Libretto: Laurens Krijspijn de Boer

Private concert

Wednesday 22 January 2014, 18:30

Location: Villa Augustus, Dordrecht
Violin: Erika Bordon
Oboe: Matteo Costanzi

Duo Insolito - Nacht van de Kunsten

Friday 20 December 2013, 20.15

Locatie: Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (FHK), Ingang Bisschop Zwijsenstraat 11, Tilburg
Viool - Erika Bordon
Piano - Sharon Niessen

Zo is het leven in het Westland

Tue 17, Wed 18 and Sat 21 december, 20.00

Locatie: Monsterseweg 6a, 2685 LH Poeldijk
Theaterkoor Dario Fo and orchestra
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Double bill: Rothko Chapel | Becoming the System (Babel Festival)

Th 12, Fr 13, Sa 14 December 2013, 20.30

Locatie:Ostadetheater, Van Ostadestraat 233d, 1073 TN Amsterdam
Productie: Diamantfabriek
Muziek: Petra Strahovnik
Regie en Libretto: Laurens Krijspijn de Boer
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Sounds of music festival

17 October 2013 20:30

Location: Lutherse kerk , Haddingestraat 23, 9711 KC, Groningen
Reinbert de Leeuw & Modelo62

Aardlek Modelo62

20 october 2013 16.00

Location: ACECgebouw, Roggestraat 44, 7311 CD, Apeldoorn
Ensemble Modelo62

Bach Cantate

Zondag 29 September 2013 18.30

Locatie: Oude kerk Dorpstraat 59, Zoetermeer
Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantate BWV 99 'Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan'

Eindexamenconcert Konstantyn Napolov (percussie)

10/05/2013 - 20:15

viool solo in een stuk gecomponeerd door Christiaan Richter
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Eindexamenconcert Maria Rosaria della Ragione (klarinet)

25/05/2013 - 11:00

viool solo in het quitet 'Miniatuurtjes' gecomponeerd door Vincent van den Bijlaard

Kamermuziek concert tijdens de opening van het
Stadsmuseum Leidschendam Voorburg

09/06/2013 - 13:00

Location: Stadsmuseum Leidschendam Voorburg
Ensemble: viool- Erika Bordon, hobo- Matteo Costanzi, klavecimbel- Gabriele Levi
Met werken van o.a. Devienne, C.PH.E. Bach
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Erika Bordon

phone: 0031 (06)49804634
kvk-nummer 57271208

Matteo Costanzi - March 2013